Garuda News III

I don’t have any computer, I living a simple life, but Brahma Sutra with commentary of Adi Sankar is an important book you must read, it is about “Nirguna Brahman” send email to Rama Krishna Math, Mylapore at Chennai, Tamilnadu, to send you this book to your country. They selling books cheap. Adi Shankar tried to integrates Hinduism to One Religion on ADVAITA, and is the Father of the modern Hinduism his idea was, that we must try to find our NON-Dual personality within us, we could do that only through ‘SELF – KNOWLEDGE’, what Krishna call “Yoga of knowledge or Ramana Maharsi, who am I and “Brahmasutra” will give you a new orientation of cosmos.

But the psycho analysis in west saying the same, you shall make the UNCONSCIOUS CONSCIOUS. But this type of knowledge is to make the ego-better. But the self-knowledge is beyond the ego. Only through your own direct experiences you will get self knowledge. What Adi Shankar saying is, Try to find the only Real Existence, Nirgula Braham within your self, because Niguna Braman the Supreme self is in all People individual self. In fact, Nirguna Brahman is the FOURTH EYE, not a symbolic consciousness, but the only real consciousness which exist.