The greater part of humanity is stuck in the first three chakras,
The first chakra is the consciousness,
the second chakra is the naturesoul or Id as Freud called it
and the third chakra is the action;

I walk around the streets of Paris, people sit and drink coffee on the terraces, it is hot, but not as in Tamil Nadu,
I am alone, I’m looking for a man who can see me, when I walked around the pedestrian streets of Stockholm for more than 20 years ago, I was always invisible, but I had got used to it, because in Sweden you can only see people who are in the first three chakras, the social man, but a man who works on the fourth chakra level is totally invisible in Sweden, in case she is not a great artist such as Jackson Pollock or a great poet, such as Paul Celan, because then she can be seen indirectly by the art she created, as well as Jackson Pollock, who had reached higher
than the fourth chakra would have been completely invisible to people unless they knew that this was Jacksom Pollock, and who had seen Bob Dylan. when he walked around in New York city, unless he got out his songs, he had been able to walk around like a six-chakra-man all his life, without being seen, John Lennon could have seen him, but how would he have been able to meet John Lennon if he had not become a famous song-writer and singer.but when I came to India and met Kodi Samy I was told that I had reached the eighth chakra, for there were also people around Kodi Samy who could see this, including Arulmolhi, and it was a fantastic feeling to finally be seen, for in Sweden, I had always been denied to the people, because they lacked the ability to see people beyond the third chakra, but now I felt I could get be myself at Kodi Samy porch in Puravi Palayam, and that was still something, because I had found a place on earth, I was no longer walking around as completely invisible air, but I had landed on his little porch,

for those who reach the fourth chakra, ie get contact with their heart open the door to the soul realm, and she begins to build up a whole new consciousness that is based on her own which that she can feel the contact between herself and the world in her heart; and she then feels
for the first time true love, and her new consciousness becomes a love consciousness which Shiva in the eighth chakra will help her to develop, this is a subjective consciousness, but which is related to the absolute objective, thus in Shiva’s mercy, and her social consciousness she had to the first three chakraswho was an objective relative consciousness lose all their meaning, and her deepest existence, moves up to her new awareness of the fourth chakra and she becomes a soul-man who can feel the vibrations and radiation from her surroundings not only just approximately herself but also from around the world and these vibrations she starts to learn to translate in her new awareness through the use of symbols, like the Brahmin priests Sarasvati Swamy in Kumbakonom that through their yantra puja can interpret quite accurately other people’s personality and situation even tough they are on the other side of the world
I thought of Jesus that hung on the cross as a criminal mocked and spat at by his environment because the environment could not see him, though it is not strictly true, for the Jewish high priests could see that Jesus had reached over the fourth chakra, that he not only was a soul-man, but also a spirit-man who also passed the eighth chakra and worked with some miracle-power from the ninth chakra, and this created jealousy on the Jewish priests, for they believed that Jesus would be so popular that these Jewish priests were no longer needed, for they were all just artificial spiritual people, and now there was a real spiritual person to Jerusalem, and he would destroy their businesses and lives. therefore these clergy men manipulated people and Pontius Pilate that Jesus was a criminal spiritual impostors,

for those who reach the fourth chakra starts to build up a symbolic vibration of consciousness in their thinking, and she then begins to discern good from evil, love from hate and so on. and she then becomes a more independent and free person who begins to understand how it all fits together, her knowledge is becoming absolute and true by the help of Shiva.
but to walk around as a spirit-man in the eighth chakra also implies a certain responsibility, because people will then project their repressed unconsciousness on one, for anyone who walks in the eighth chakra then has a consciousness that is not only a cosmic-soul -consciousness but also a bit into the road to getting an authentic God-consciousness, so people who are on the verge of psychosis will then project their psychosis on eight-chakra-man and the accuse her of being psychotic, but Actually a man who reached the fourth chakra can never become psychotic, she has crossed all mental sickness effective force, for mental illnesses is something created out of the first three chakras level by clinging to its social consciousness and do not dare let go of the social situation and then the psychosis a solution to both remain in the first chakras narrowness and to exceed this narrowness, so drugs are distributed to the psychotic is intended to them to so that they can continue to live as a social man in compromise with their psyche which actually wishes to get out of the social straitjacket and get up to the fourth chakra and reach the soul realm, but who then find a compromise solution by developing psychosis, but the positive side of being an eight-chakra-one is that it also can lift up others to the higher chakras
but evil lurks constantly in the bushes and behind the corners of the houses in order to push down the eight-chakra-man to the lower chakras, the evil wants feast on soma nectar without God’s permission, for always says the evil that God does not exist and that everything therefore is allowed , and to feel guilty is for people who only believe in God, and evil in India is the evil mantra pujan which among other things the Brahmanical priests on Guruvajappa Temples in Kerala and Sankarcharys people in Kanchy and Kumbakonom provide India with.

to reach the fourth chakra, it is sufficient that you give way to love vibration
and dare to face the consequences of this procedure.

soul in the heart will provide guidance,
Parvati, who is the holy kundalini power
and spirit in the heart which is Lord Shiva.