I am listening to Dylan’s Blonde and Blonde and his songs is a wonderful anti-medicine against evil mantra, puja, for Dylan sends his good vibrations around the earth, and saves us a little bit from evil,

and from Sälapatti which lies approximately 6 km straight line from my little Garuda Ashram starts the evil mantra vibration, and it’s like a black blanket over my ashram

created by sankarchary Knachy Puram and Sai Baba’s remaining group, and the Roman church

and the public in this area has smeared their hair with green oil to be the serve as transmitters of this evil mantra puja and the public has in fact been totally brainwashed from 1995 by the Brahmanical priests

by the evil puja which actually today is sent from Palani Temple, though in secret, because I do not even think

those who govern this temple knows about it, but those who send puja against me is the Kerala Brahmins and Kombakonom brahamins,

but Lord Vishnu has full control